Coconut oil led to argan oil which led to…BEARD OIL?


This one is for the gents as well…scroll down if you must.

It seems right now (and possibly for the past 1 or 2 years) that everyone has been on the coconut oil train, but I’m not quite there yet completely in my commitment. It may be because any organic coconut oil I seem to find is a bit expensive for my taste for being not as effective for my needs. I have high end and drugstore brand skincare in my arsenal, but for some reason, I don’t want to buy coconut oil UNLESS it WOWS me. I can’t seem to find any cheaper brands at Homegoods either, although, TIP: I seem to discover more and more types of oils thanks to the food aisle of the Homegoods Gods.

Enter argan oil. I discovered this treasure about a year or two ago via late night QVC-viewing. Josie Maran was telling her story of this nut from an argan tree that takes 14 years to produce fruit in Morocco, where Moroccan women have been using it for centuries. You can view the process on YouTube , but the story was something compelling, like them hand cracking each nut one-by-one into a paste and then hand-squeezing out the oil. Well, she was selling it, and I was buying it…the good thing…she’s right! This is truly the process that wowed me, truly why this is expensive, and truly why this translates to “liquid gold”.

Now everything I’ve read on coconut vs argan oil will tell you that they are both excellent to add to your beauty regimen and that each have a place in your bathroom or vanity for different reasons. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties, so it’s great for dandruff or headlice, even a method called “oil pulling” to help fight tooth decay, yet Argan oil, because of it being high in Vitamin E, has HUGE antioxidant benefits. Coconut oil is supposed to also be somewhat greasier, and so, better for the body than face and better for the hair if used less, like a treatment, than argan use in the hair daily.

Babe, you need beard oil? Here, use my Josie Maran Argan oil hair serum. Eventually I realized I couldn’t let him finish the bottle of my “liquid gold” so I began my pilgrimage for the perfect beard oil. I knew from looking at oils for myself in the past, that the beard oils I was seeing in stores was just as expensive, so I went out to explore Pinterest for ideas that would then lead me to retail to buy it for hopefully less than I had seen in the past. Tip: I came across this fantastic read to make your own beard oil. I have been wanting to make my own skincare for myself and have a few essential oils to start but haven’t gotten to it yet, so when I do, I’ll also try to make a beard oil as well and come back here to tell you all about it.

Back to my pilgrimage, aka, Amazon. Of the thousands of results, they share essentially the same roadmap of ingredients: (1) a carrier oil which is derived from a plant, normally, “carries” the essential oil in the product/is the base ingredient and (2) an essential oil – a thin, highly-concentrated oil, which one can think of as the scent (just to make it easier). It’s more complex than that, but I digress. So, typically you’re going to find a grapeseed oil or similar, then they add some masculine, woodsy-type essential oil to it. Behold! I had found a beard oil for under $10, and the second ingredient contained the essential oil that was perfect for him – vetiver – an essential oil sometimes used in aromatherapy to treat anxiety and stress.

And if all this isn’t “manly” enough for you, you can always use rendered bear fat…like this guy.


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