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Alert interior designers and decorators! Every so often I’m going to do a post on chic, inexpensive home decor finds.  Most of my focus will be on Homegoods, with some TJ Maxx and Marshalls mixed in.  Since there is no website to order products online and their inventory is leftovers or overstock items, so it’s constantly changing, I think posting items on my blog when they’re fresh from the store, may help some of you shoppers!

Currently, you can download “The Goods” app to follow the Homegoods stores near you and the staff will post maybe 2-3 pictures a day of some of the items in the store, so you can see what they may have new before having to drive over.  The website also has an option for customer finds but most don’t know about it or use it, so there’s not many items posted.  You can access it here.

The other option (which tends to help me) is to follow Homegoods hashtags or other similar home decor hashtags on Instagram so you can see what others may have at stores near them.  I’ve found amazing pieces this way.  It also helps show me when the store transitions from one seasons’ decorations to the next without having to drive there since others are posting their finds.  Other than this, there’s not really an efficient way to know what they’ll have in stock to buy and when. So let me keep you posted on some items!

First up: A super cute, white fur & white faux leather office chair.image

Price: $119.  This is a decently-priced office chair considering they can be hundreds of dollars. It’s got a chrome base that I am considering painting gold since the fixtures in my home office are gold. Currently, I have it at my desk that’s built into the kitchen area, so I’m keeping it chrome to match the SS appliances in the kitchen.   It has a lever to adjust the height as with most office chairs and is on casters.  It’s extremely comfortable. I know white fur and white faux leather isn’t for everyone but for those looking for something similar, you can’t go wrong with this office chair!  Add whatever throw blankets or pillows you’d like.

Location: Vestal, NY Homegoods location.

Similar items: Another office chair was there. They also had a white fur, square ottoman and two white furry bar stools!




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    1. Thanks! I’m hoping this will be helpful for some. Usually if something is in one store, it can be found in other locations if you go around the same time! Definately could spend hours in there! Heck, you could even let me know what you find at the location near you when you purchase. I’d be curious if I could get it near me.

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