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I swear,  I’m not one to decorate too soon for a holiday, but when there’s sales, there’s sales. Who am I not to partake?  I felt like I NEEDED to do this blog post so all of you decorators, designers, moms, DIYer’s, and all are aware!  Michael’s Crafts is currently (as of this post) having 40% off of its Halloween decor and 50% off of its Fall decor.  Usually my go to is Homegoods or Pier One, but this week, Michael’s was my winner!

I don’t overly decorate my house for the holidays or spend too much money, but I like to do a little.  With doing just a little, it helps me find stuff that works well in my everyday decor and color scheme while not spending a TON of money.  My color schemes throughout my house are various shades of blues/greens & greys mixed with silver and gold as neutrals. When I decorate for the holidays, I keep to the main living area which is the living room, dining room, and kitchen, because it’s open concept.  When I decorate for any holiday, I tend to lean toward a contemporary styling – using modern metals like gold, silver, & copper, mixing them with black and white.  My Christmas decor is mainly silver & gold or blue & silver.  My front door is aqua blue, but it goes great with silver Christmas decor and orange pumpkins. It also looks lovely with reds for Valentine’s Day.  One wouldn’t think so, but my aqua-colored door is just as good as any neutral!

Let’s get to my fireplace mantle.  I’m lucky to have a HUGE stone fireplace, mantle, and hearth.  It’s the perfect mix of rustic yet styling it with modern and contemporary decor.  My mantle theme after my haul are witch accessories on the left side and then a general Halloween/fall theme on the right.  I usually keep one big piece of artwork or something similar in the middle and then decorate around the artwork as the seasons change.  The other constant I have (besides the big piece in the middle) is some sort of banner or swag hanging from the mantle and above the fireplace screen.


Pictured are witches bottles and potions with a collection of spell books.  The Poison bottle is the only thing purchased at Homegoods, not Michael’s.  On a mantle, it’s extremely important to have things in groups, generally groups of three, as it makes the decor more “impactful”.  In addition, I have most of the items at various heights, which is pleasing to the eye and lets shorter things be shown.  I have done this with the witches bottles and with the spell books.




My FAVORITE ITEM from Michael’s was the 1000ML flask since my boyfriend works in a lab.  He helped me fill it with water and green food coloring and added the rubber eyeballs for a creepy-looking lab experiment.  The rest of the items on the right are mixed from other stores and not a part of the sale.  The huge skull and cross bones & glass container with fillers are from Homegoods last year.  The small pumpkin and Indian corn are from a local farmer, and that blog is coming up!  The vase is handmade from Jamaica.


Next:  My dining room table! I try to keep to the same gold and silver theme here as well from what I already have, while mixing in the holiday decor.  I purchased the placemats, napkins, napkin rings, candle sticks and candles from last year at Homegoods, along with the giant skull this year for $14.99.  The gold skull would be nothing without his counterparts – the gold skeleton hands and furry spiders from the Michael’s sale.


Lastly, throw pillows.  I am a self-professed throw pillow addict, especially themed ones.  I keep my standard off white furry and dark navy pillows from Pier One but always mix in holiday throw pillows.  Pictured here are my standard throw pillows mixed with the last two skull pillows from Homegoods and were only $9.99!


WHAT ELSE YOU SHOULD KNOW:  I cannot find on Michael’s website how long these sales will last, so act now!  The decor from Homegoods was purchased from the Vestal, NY location.  As for the skulls at Homegoods, there’s still another gold one left, a few black and white ones the same size and then mini ones and skull candles as well.


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  1. Michael’s has an extra 25% off total bill today! I purchased two fall wreaths for my front door and they look great! I saw all of the Halloween decor and it is super cute. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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