Fall Farmers Markets

Fall is today!  For Pennsylvania (as some of my local followers know) it’s something out of a movie.  It truly is picturesque with the leaves changing color and the crisp, coolness in the air.  A lot of us have started to watch a few Sundays worth of football.  It’s cool enough not to have the AC running but not cold enough yet to turn on the heat…it’s juuuust right.  We started buying apple cider and are just about ready to go apple-picking in our flannels.  Shortly, we’ll be picking out costumes!

It’s the PERFECT time to pick up some fall goodies at your local farmers market.  I fully support buying local, and it’s not just to keep the money local, although that in and of itself is amazing!  I TRULY can taste and see the difference in the food and flowers/pumpkins I get at farmers markets and local festivals.

I’m about an hour outside of Ithaca, NY – home to Ivy League school, Cornell University, where my boyfriend attends – but also the melting pot around the Finger Lakes, NY.  Here there’s local EVERYTHING that your little heart could desire.


Going to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market is a must if you are in the area.  There’s every type of vegetable, fruit, flower, or herb you could imagine with international cuisine from all over.  The area is home to stunning views of multiple waterfalls and places to hike.

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However, if you can’t make it here, try a local farmers market or nursery near you!  A few minutes from me, a farmer has his own building where he sells all of his own stuff in the Spring to Fall (link below).  In the Spring to Summer months, there’s anything from various colored mulch & fertilizers, flowers, herbs, fruits & vegetables, local crafts, outdoor fountains and handmade furniture. Below is my summer haul from Summer 2015.


In the Fall months, he’s carrying local apple cider, pumpkins, gourds, mums, fruits & vegetables.


He also sells and supports other local farmers, craftsmen, and meat & cheese processors that carry hormone-free and grass-fed meats.  The apples are huge and crisp.  All of my summer herbs/flowers, fall mums, and hanging baskets are the largest and healthiest I’ve seen anywhere.  Hot dogs are a must and shouldn’t be bought from anywhere but here! You can literally taste the difference in grass-fed burgers as well.  And this Italian swoons over the garlic cheddar.

So, I’m not one to start decorating too soon before the appropriate holiday, HOWEVER, Farmer Fred’s was having his 10% off everything, annual Fall Fest, so I had to take advantage.  My haul is pictured below with my dogs (Gus the pug & Gizmo the french bulldog).  I try to get three different-colored mums and put them in the opposite-colored pots!  I’m always a fan of varying pumpkin colors and pumpkin sizes up and down your steps.  My front door is a bright aqua color, and I normally use that as a jumping off point for all of the holidays, so I try to incorporate oranges and whites against the coral chair from summer, for the transition between the two seasons.  The small pumpkins and gourds will be used inside on my mantle for fall decorating inside. To see my most recent post of my mantle pics, click here.


Comment below and tell me about your fall decor or your hauls from the markets and festivals near you! By the way, there’s another 10% off everything sale near me coming this weekend, visit Shore’s Sisters page for more info.


4 thoughts on “Fall Farmers Markets

  1. I LOVE farmers markets!! This one looks huge! I would be in heaven! I wish we lived in the same town! 🙂
    It looks like you got so many good things! I like the really long oblong pumpkin! hehe
    Great post, as always!

    1. I wish we lived in the same town too! Kevin said he was okay with moving as soon as he graduates and looking for jobs there, so unless something crazy were to happen, I’m still planning it in a couple of years-ish!

  2. Farmer’s Markets are awesome and I think it’s great you’re supporting them. I’ve only been once (because I’m kind of a shut-in), but it was delightful. If they sold pumpkin pie, I’d be all over that. And your dogs are really cute, by the way!

    1. Some so sell pumpkin pie! I actually live near an Amish community so the local farmer’s markets will sell the baked goods and other handmade items from the Amish at their market! Pies, jams/jellies, breads, woodwork, etc!

      Thanks – my dogs are my babies! Maybe I should have more of them on here actually ?

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