40% off Valentine’s Decor Haul

Those of you excited for Valentine’s Day, since, let’s be honest, it gives you another holiday to decorate for – I’ve got special deals in store for you.  My last 40% off haul was around the Fall at Michael’s for awesome deals on Halloween decor.  If you’d like a re-cap, click here.    For those of you against Valentine’s Day because some consider it to be a commercialized/greeting card holiday to promote shopping, I’ve still got something in store for you or your kids!

Michael’s is holding a sale for 40% off of Valentine’s Day decor.  INCLUDED in the sale are the crafts for your kids’ classroom Valentine’s Day party.  In addition, this carries over to all pink, red, and purple home decorators!  Even if you are not celebrating Valentine’s Day, per se, there are a ton of advantages of shopping right now for your home color scheme.  Everything from wreaths, to throw pillows, gold lips, and the paper-made mailboxes for your kids Valentine’s cards from classmates!

In my master, I have “XOXO” signs hanging around the bed with pictures of my boyfriend and I, so I thought it was sort of fate to run across these mini, yet perfect, throw pillows.  These work great in your master for 365 days a year regardless of the holiday.:



Below, I transitioned my holiday decor from Christmas with the use of metallics like gold and silver into Valentine’s Day decor from Michael’s with the tabletop scatter. Tip: I like using neutrals and metallics for all holidays as a base and then build off of that with whatever color scheme for whatever holiday it may be:  less money spent on decor items and less decor to store in the off-season!


Lastly, here’s a look at the items Michael’s is offering:


Happy bargain hunting!  Leave a comment with your shopping or decorating tips!

Decor finds/After-holiday sales: Pt 2

Alert interior designers, decorators and bargain hunters! Every so often I’m going to do a post on chic, inexpensive home decor finds. A few months ago was my first post on the topic! Most of my focus will be on Homegoods, with some TJ Maxx and Marshalls mixed in.  Since there is no website to order products online and their inventory is leftovers or overstock items, so it’s constantly changing, I think posting items on my blog when they’re fresh from the store, may help some of you shoppers!

This post will only be slightly different because I want to include some wonderful “after-holiday” sales as well as decor pieces.

First up: Adorable, life-size and potted, faux birch tree & pine arrangements


Price: $49 down from $99.99.   This price may still seem expensive to some but keep in mind that it’s life-sized (I want to say 6ft tall but did not get the measurements in the store).  If you’d like measurements, let me know and leave a comment!  Two of these would look great flanking a door, outside or inside, or in a mudroom or entryway.  I also think they are worth the price because they don’t need to necessarily be out during the holidays only.  I could see these fitting in a Fall theme or everyday of the year in a rustic decor setting or rustic cabin or primitive setting.  They can go modern if being paired with modern pieces or painting the base a metallic color, etc.

Location: Vestal, NY Homegoods location.

Similar items: See Below.

Next: Other decorative, life-size trees, along with a “Fresh Cut Trees” sign and a “Santa Stop Here” sign




Prices:  Varied. A couple hundred dollars or less.  As far as the height, much like what I wrote above, these were probably around 6ft tall.  They were made of balls of yarn and the tree directly to the right of the sign, with it’s base showing, was a metallic silver.  In the second pic, faux flowers, a wooden tree, probably closer to 3ft, and a white deer are shown – all for under $100.

Location: Vestal, NY Homegoods location.

Next: DOG LOVERS!  Many doggie Christmas sweaters, coats, stockings, and treats were on sale.  NOTE: that there seemed to be more Small and Extra Small sizes than Med-Extra Large.


Prices:  Varied.  I don’t remember seeing anything over $30.

Lastly: Wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbon, and gift tags



Prices: Varied.  This was a huge red-ticket clearance with some wrapping paper being between $0.99-$1.99!  I saw some of the cutest gift bags and ribbon!  Generally, these items can be pretty pricey before the holidays so I know a lot of people that stock up after, and the quality of these items were really great compared to the sales at other stores.

Drop a comment or question and stay tuned for more decor finds and other blog posts.