40% off Valentine’s Decor Haul

Those of you excited for Valentine’s Day, since, let’s be honest, it gives you another holiday to decorate for – I’ve got special deals in store for you.  My last 40% off haul was around the Fall at Michael’s for awesome deals on Halloween decor.  If you’d like a re-cap, click here.    For those of you against Valentine’s Day because some consider it to be a commercialized/greeting card holiday to promote shopping, I’ve still got something in store for you or your kids!

Michael’s is holding a sale for 40% off of Valentine’s Day decor.  INCLUDED in the sale are the crafts for your kids’ classroom Valentine’s Day party.  In addition, this carries over to all pink, red, and purple home decorators!  Even if you are not celebrating Valentine’s Day, per se, there are a ton of advantages of shopping right now for your home color scheme.  Everything from wreaths, to throw pillows, gold lips, and the paper-made mailboxes for your kids Valentine’s cards from classmates!

In my master, I have “XOXO” signs hanging around the bed with pictures of my boyfriend and I, so I thought it was sort of fate to run across these mini, yet perfect, throw pillows.  These work great in your master for 365 days a year regardless of the holiday.:



Below, I transitioned my holiday decor from Christmas with the use of metallics like gold and silver into Valentine’s Day decor from Michael’s with the tabletop scatter. Tip: I like using neutrals and metallics for all holidays as a base and then build off of that with whatever color scheme for whatever holiday it may be:  less money spent on decor items and less decor to store in the off-season!


Lastly, here’s a look at the items Michael’s is offering:


Happy bargain hunting!  Leave a comment with your shopping or decorating tips!

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