Decor finds/Spring decor: Pt 3

So, I have to say, I am just ITCHING for Spring.  Most people in Pennsylvania and the New England states normally are around February and March, but I feel like I take it to another level of stir crazy!  I find my true happiness being outside in the warm weather.  I’m in love with almost everything Spring & Summer.

We bought a pool on sale halfway through the summer of 2016, so I’m stoked to be able to enjoy it this time around for the ENTIRE summer.  In the summer, my usual gardening takes me away from all my troubles around this time too, and now I’ll be able to blog about it since this was started in late August last year.  This year will be different with the addition of chickens!  Stay tuned for goodies in my blog posts!

With that being said, do you think this 30-something already started her Spring decorating?  If you don’t know the answer to that already then this blog’s not for you!  I like to use the first of the month to start a new holiday or season to decorate for (or weekend, if the first of the month is a weekday).  That means this weekend was the first weekend in March – so out with Valentine’s Day and into Spring!  I, personally, am not fond of St. Patty’s day decor because it can go in the direction of just a little too weird for me – like nothing to decorate with but 4-leaf clovers and leprechauns. I have nothing against the holiday but can’t see decorating my house for it.

Enter – HomeGoods! IMG_20170225_153045873

Every so often I’m going to do a post on chic, inexpensive home decor finds.  Check my previous posts for decor finds. Most of my focus will be on Homegoods, with some TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Michael’s mixed in.  Since there is no website to order products online and HomeGoods’ inventory is leftovers or overstock items, so it’s constantly changing, I think posting items on my blog when they’re fresh from the store, may help some of you shoppers!

I received a HomeGoods gift card from my future mother-in-law for my Feb birthday so I decided to spend it getting more imported-from-Italy Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a bread box!  I was told bread boxes are now harder to come by (mainly in stores).  We got a steal on this one that’s extra roomy and matches our appliances!


Price: $19.99.

Location: Vestal, NY Homegoods location.

Anyway, back to Spring!

Check out what HomeGoods has to offer for your Spring decor.  Wreaths and birdhouses galore!


Flower and plant decor with some bunnies and baskets.


This end cap is super cute and mixes my fave – metallics with pastels for Spring!


What’s your Spring decor look like?  When do you plan on decorating?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts! Let me know if you need any prices checked at HomeGoods.

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  1. Great article! I get so excited for spring decor! Like you, I can’t wait for spring. Life is better when the sun is shinning and it’s warm outside. You found some great stuff at HomeGoods! I love shopping there!

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