Lashes, ladies

Well, brows may frame your face, but lashes frame your eyes.  If you have blonde lashes fine or limp lashes, and either don’t use mascara or hate your mascara, have people told you how tired you look or “You look sick!  Are you okay?”  Just what every 30-something wants to hear!

Fast forward to summer 2017: I decided to try eyelash extensions so that I didn’t have to wear mascara anymore, or hardly any makeup at all for that matter.  I tried the mink lashes, and at some point, ventured in to getting colored ones for the outside corners.  I tried blue because anyone that knows me, knows that blue is my favorite color.  My “lash lady” (that’s what she refers to herself as because she realizes what power is bestowed upon her) also had green, pink, and purple.  Everything was going great for the most part, but my hair grows rather quickly, so I was CONSTANTLY needing fills, which adds up.  Also, every once in awhile – about 1-2 times per week – they would randomly make my eyes water and burn.  If you decide on this route, do an eyelash extension patch test.  Ask your eyelash consultant if she gives free consultations for patch testing.

Details on that here:

So, I eventually had to make like the movie, Frozen, and “let it go” regarding the eyelash extensions, and I went to work repairing my natural lashes.  I lost so many of my natural lashes (just like regular hair extensions can do to your head hair).  We put all this effort into our skin or head hair and then disregard our eyelashes completely.

ENTER: MONAT’s Eyewonder (


Use it twice a day along the lashline (I also did my lower lash line and brows). Let it sink in 10 minutes before applying makeup. It’s cruelty-free and free of

  • Phthalates
  • PEG
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Harsh salt systems
  • Harmful colors
  • Harmful fragrances

For the most part, I started out doing it twice a day, but by the time I got to the third or fourth weeks, I was remembering only once.  Sometimes, I was even putting it over top of my makeup from the day.  WITHOUT following the instructions to a “t,” my lashes were coming in fuller and thicker. The stuff is a true miracle worker.  I also got it when it was buy one get one free!


JUST to call in reinforcements, I went on my journey to find the ULTIMATE mascara.

ENTER: Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara


This is top rated, cruelty-free, and 5-star reviewed on NUMEROUS sites! In addition, I was added to makeup and eyelash extension groups, and those allergic to lash extension glue were also looking for their holy grail in mascara.  What did EVERYONE tell them?  Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara.  There are waterproof and regular formulations. I use the regular and most of the reviews are for the regular – just look for the pink bottle!

Currently, Too Faced’s Website is having a 20-30% sale.

Just remember, take care of your lashes like you would your head hair or face!

Leave a comment or picture below with your fave mascara and your results.

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