About me

18745391_10158692855090371_1753562637_oPhotograph by Sabrina Novak Photography

I try to think of myself as someone who is career-oriented (even if it’s multiple industries), up to date with current events/oil and gas law, yet desperately needing the downtime to unwind and do a house project or gardening, cook a tasty meal for my dogs…ehem…I mean my loved ones, try out new skincare and makeup products, go shopping, or just travel and see the world. I am a tom boy at heart with some feminine characteristics that I can’t deny. I think women are the true superheroes, especially if they put in the effort to be successful in all of life’s avenues. Finally, I believe you can grow up in the middle of nowhere with nothing in your pocket and still make it through – yes, even as a woman!

Please read and then comment to the woman who’s lived in small-town Pennsylvania, to Detroit Michigan, to a dorm at University of Oxford in England.

Get fresh perspectives on what it’s like to live life, from your work – to your home – to your relationships with people around you. Sometimes it’s nice to talk current events and other times you just need a good DIY project or mascara.